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Crystals of Gautam Buddha's life.
Enlightening the World

Gautama Buddha's royal name was Siddhartha. He was the son of Suddhodhana, the Chief of Sakya clan of Kapilvastu in the Nepal Tarai area. He was born in 566 B.C. in the village of Lumbini a few miles from Kapilvastu. Siddhartha lost his mother at the time of his birth and was brought up by his aunt and step-mother.
His life story is divided into five stages: birth, insight, enlightenment, the first discourse and finally death.
He is one of the most important Asian thinkers and spiritual masters of all time, and he contributed to many areas of philosophy, including epistemology, metaphysics and ethics. The Buddha's teaching formed the foundation for Buddhist philosophy, initially developed in South Asia, then later in the rest of Asia.
The Eight Great Events are: the Birth of the Buddha, the Enlightenment, the First Sermon, the Parileyyakka Retreat (honey rice offering), the Taming of Nalagiri elephant, the Descent from Tavatimsa Heaven, the Miracle at Sravasti and the Parinirvana.
The main lesson of Buddha is
(1) The Noble Truth of Suffering (2) The Noble Truth of the Origin of Suffering (3) The Noble Truth of Cessation of Suffering (4) The Noble Truth of the Way leading to the Cessation of Suffering: The Noble Eightfold Path. Buddhism begins with the fact of suffering.
Buddha say about yoga tradition, with its focus on the inner self, was hence adopted by Buddhism. The common essence of both yoga and Buddhism is the attainment of enlightenment through discipline. Buddhism refers to this enlightenment or realisation as Nirvana.
Gautam Buddha do yoga
It is clear from biographical accounts of the Buddha that prior to his enlightenment he had studied with at lneast two teachers— Uddaka Rāmaputta (Pāli; Sanskrit: Udraka Rāmaputra) was a sage and teacher of meditation identified by the Buddhist tradition as one of the teachers of Gautama Buddha and Arada Kalama—who taught some form of Upanishadic Yoga, which he mastered readily.

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