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NewDelhi G20 Summit 2023: Delhi is gearing up to host the prestigious G20 summit from September 8 to 10, placing a strong emphasis on showcasing its rich culture and cuisine to world leaders and their spouses. The nation's capital, New Delhi, has undergone a significant makeover in preparation for this event. To ensure smooth proceedings, educational institutions and offices will be temporarily closed, and traffic restrictions will be implemented to facilitate the smooth movement of delegation carcades.

PK Mishra, the principal secretary to the Prime Minister, recently presided over a meeting of the G20 Coordination Committee. During the meeting, arrangements for the Leaders' Summit were thoroughly reviewed and fine-tuned. Senior officials from various government departments, including external affairs, home affairs, culture, information and broadcasting, and the Department of Telecommunications, were in attendance at this gathering, Theme of the summit. The theme of the summit is "Atithi Devo Bhava," signifying India's tradition of treating guests like gods. In line with this ethos, leaders and their spouses can anticipate a warm and luxurious welcome. Delegates will be treated to a diverse array of culinary delights, ranging from Southeast Asian and Arab cuisines to East Asian flavours and traditional dishes from various Indian states.

A dress rehearsal for the event is scheduled to take place this weekend in Delhi. While most of the Delhi Metro will operate as usual, the station closest to the main venue will be temporarily closed to accommodate the event.

Arrival schedule for world leaders. The arrival schedule for world leaders would begin with US President Joe Biden who is expected to land on September 9, while leaders from other G20 and invitee countries will arrive the following day. Many leaders will be accompanied by their spouses and sizable delegations. The spouses of G20 leaders will embark on guided tours of Delhi's renowned landmarks, and special shopping arrangements have been made Extravagant culinary spread Deluxe hotels will roll out an extravagant culinary spread for their distinguished guests. Catering at the summit venue will be overseen by ITC Hotels.

G20 is a historic opportunity for the country as well as the hotel. We are following high standards for their accommodation, food and security. We plan to serve main dishes from all the states of India to the visitors," Vice President and General Manager of Le Meridien Meena Bhatia said, English Jagran reported.

"All preparations have been made. We are trying to make the experience of the guests memorable," General Manager of Sangrila Abhishek Sadhu said, English Jagran reported. Spokesperson from Hotel Andaz Hayat said that the emphasis will be on serving Sri Anna or millets and added that the grain will be used to make noodles and pizzas.

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