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Why Vikram lander and Pragyan will function and work only 14 Earth days in moon.Why 14-day deadline. So It is widely known that the lander and the rover are working under a dedaline pressure of next 14 earth days. This deadline is critical as the rover Pragyan will significantly slow down after this time span as the moon's 'sunlight cycle' will come to an end and the night phase will initiate, which will continue to prevail for the next 14 days.

Considering the scarcity of sunlight during the night phase, it is quite certain that the modus operandi of the rover will face hindrances. Moreover, it has been reported that at night, the mercury level plummets to a destructive -208 degrees Fahrenheit or - 133 degrees Celsius, which apparently won't be convenient for the smooth functiong of the rover, lander and the payloads.
It has been reported that during this time, the rover will be touch with the lander and that will relay data back to
ISRO's mission command centre. ISRO will have no direct link with the rover for this period.

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