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Gyanvapi case
Advocate Vishnu Shankar Jain, representing the Hindu side in Gyanvapi Mosque case, on August 06, Informed that he pointed out a hollow sound. beneath the central dome which is now under scrutiny. "Yesterday, a detailed study of the western wall was done. The grass in the area from the western wall to barricading was removed. The 'tahkhana' was cleaned and exhaust is being installed. I pointed out a hollow sound beneath the central dome, it is being investigated. An area beside the central dome, which is covered artificially, was also pointed out. So, investigations are going on. This is a long investigation and it continues gradually" he said while speaking .

Nuh Haryana case
The District Administration of Nuh, Haryana on August 06 carried out a demolition drive in Nuh. Nuh's Sahara Family Restaurant was razed under the demolition drive which was carried out under heightened security. This demolition drive came after clashes were reported in Nuh on July 31. Clashes broke out between two groups in Nuh after a procession passing through the district came under attack.

Amit shah on Delhi Services Bill
Home Minister Amit Shah presented the Delhi Services Bill in Lok Sabha on August 03. While presenting the bill, he appealed to the Opposition to unanimously support the bill as it is for Delh's development.

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