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Today South India's richest actor is worth Rs 3000 crore, But that's not Rajinikanth, Kamal, Chiranjeevi, Prabhas, Vijay, or Ajith.
In the south of India, film fans worship their stars. Many of the most successful actors like Rajinkanth, Chiranjeevi, and Mohanlal among others have demigod-like stature in their states, and even beyond. This popularity has also earned them immense amounts of money through their films, endorsements, and other business interests. But among these mega successful actors is one, whose riches outshine the others. Surprisingly, it is not one of the names mentioned above or even someone from the new crop that charge over Rs 100 crore a film. It is somebody else entirely.
South India’s richest actor is...

Nagarjuna Akkineni, known simply as Nagarjuna, is one of the most successful Telugu stars of the past three decades. He has also appeared in a handful of Hindi films over the years, and by virtue of his films and other business interests, has reportedly amassed a net worth of over Rs 3000 crore. A report by Zoom TV put his net worth in 2022 at over Rs 3010 crore, making him the richest actor in south India by a comfortable margin.
Nagarjuna’s fees and businesses

63-year-old Nagarjuna charges between Rs 9 crore and Rs 20 crore per film. Apart from this, he charges Rs 2 crore for endorsements and ads as well. The actor has not amassed his immense wealth just on the basis of his acting skills though. An entrepreneur, he has several business interests. At one point, Nagarjuna owned Maa TV before it was sold to Star Maa. He is also a partner in Annapurna Studios, which was founded by his father A Nageshwara Rao. He also owns a convention centre in Hyderabad’s Hi-Tech City as well as a media school in the state capital.

The richest actors in south India Nagarjuna comfortably leads the list of richest actors in south India, other superstars are worth several hundred crores as well. Nagarjuna’s contemporaries Venkatesh and Chiranjeevi are at numbers two and three, with net worth of Rs 2200 crore and Rs 1650 crore respectively. Chiranjeevi’s son Ram Charan is at number four with a reported net worth of Rs 1370 crore. Other super rich south stars include Jr NTR (Rs 450 crore), Thalapathy Vijay (Rs 445 crore), Rajinikanth (Rs 430 crore), Kamal Haasan (Rs 388 crore), Mohanlal (Rs 376 crore), and Allu Arjun (Rs 350 crore).

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