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Bharat = > India
The old-age debate of 'lndia' VS 'Bharat' has once again sparked controversy. Ahead of G20 Leaders'
Summit, 'India' vs. 'Bharat' debate hogged the limelight. Now, G20 dinner invites, 'President of India' has been replaced with 'President of Bharat!
Meanwhile, Congress and BJP are at loggerheads over the fresh 'India' vs. 'Bharat' controversy. Congress leader Jairam Ramesh slammed Govt
intention of renaming 'President of India' to 'President of Bharat': Later, BJP leaders questioned Government's intention over renaming the name.

130 Crores Hindu's Hurted ?
BJP Spokesperson Sudhanshu Trivedi on September 03 launched a scathing attack on Udhayanidhi Stalin for his Sanatana Dharma should be eradicated'.remark and said their real design is exposed.
"Their agenda is clear that the core of Hinduism is.to be destroyed, Sanatan Dharma has to be completely destroyed. So this is not just a matter of religion and culture, it is the basis for the complete destruction of India. I also want to say this because, in those parts of India where the eradication of Sanatan Dharma has taken place, The latest history is of Pakistan, what happened there? Is there a Scene of devastation today or not? And what happened in Kashmir? What was the growth rate,what was the employment rate, and what was the education rate before 2019, so I want to say with conviction, their real intention has come to the fore and it is on the infrastructure of this country, which.is the knowledge base. There is nothing else other.than attacking and destroying what is the basis of development, which is the basis of prosperity" said Sudhanshu Trivedi.
JaiHind.. JaiBharat..