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11.03.2023, Bhubaneswar.
Barish kumar samantaroy.

On Republic day 2021on the ramparts of the Red Fort, a
Mughal-era monument. Nishan Sahib, a saffron-coloured flag with a
two-edged dagger as its central motif, is a religious flag that
belongs to the Sikh community. But single act by farmer-led protesters
has multiple political connotations packed. First, the Red Fort is the
site of the national address the Indian prime minister delivers every
Independence Day. The Indian flag is also ceremoniously unfurled.
Second, a religious flag was hoisted below, but close to the Indian
flag. And third, it happened on a day that India celebrates its
But unlike the far-right flags that were seen during the insurrection
at Capitol Hill, The Sikh community considers the Nishan Sahib, also
known as the khalsa flag, sacred to its belief.The fear that the
religious flag could instead be a separatist one led commentators and
political leaders to believe that this act of defiance was a danger to
democracy.on Jan. 26, when the Nishan Sahib went up at the Red Fort
during protests that took a violent turn, the Khalistani tag was back.
As was the vilification of Sikhs for supporting “terror” groups.
They entered the iconic Red Fort and hoisted flags from some domes and
from a flagstaff, on the ramparts of the fort, used to unfurl the
tricolour on Independence Day. But claimed that the tricolour was
replaced. But he added that the one hoisted was a flag of farmers’
union or religious sect.
As part of their tractor rally planned on Republic Day, farmers
entered Delhi from Singhu and Ghazipur borders amid high security. But
the protesters soon deviated from the designated route and the protest
turned violent, with the police lobbing tear gas shells and resorting
to lathi charge. A Group farmers gathered outside the Delhi Police
headquarters at ITO, while many others reached the Red Fort.
Man who ‘planted Sikh flag on Red Fort’ gets interim protection
from Delhi court.The court also said that the accused would be
entitled to the benefits of the Supreme Court directives on fresh
arrests amid the Covid-19 pandemic.It was decided that the protesters
will enter Delhi but remain in areas near the border from the three
entry points. Several protesting groups, however, veered off the
course and were met with police lathi charge and tear gas shells.
But statements came the just that it was the wrong flag. The political
and the spiritual hurt. But All their Activates are on (National
Investigation Agency) NIA and Research and Analysis wings (R&AW)
Rador. .. What's next .. ? ?