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09.03.2023, Bhubaneswar.
Barish Kumar Samantaroy.
On the 7th March 2023 A Big news came after the market closed on
Adani Enterprises – NSE took a big decision.
The National Stock Exchange (NSE) has today decided to remove its
stock from the list of additional monitoring, giving relief to Adani
Enterprises. Along with this, the restrictions imposed on the trading
of stocks due to this will be removed. NSE has removed Adani
Enterprises from the Short Term Additional Surveillance Measures (ASM)
framework. In view of the large scale selling in the shares of Adani
Enterprises, it was put in ASM. It has been said in the circular that
after about a month this stock will be out of the framework from
The controversial report released by short seller Hindenburg
Research in late January against the Adani group had dented the shares
massively and investors suffered huge losses in a month. The market
value of Adani Group's shares had suffered a loss of at least 50 per
MEGA RISING OF STOCKS - The stock of Adani Enterprises is
witnessing a tremendous growth since two days. Even today, the stock
saw a rise of more than 5 percent. By the close of the market today,
the company's stock closed at Rs 1,982.85 with a gain of 5.51 per
Additional Surveillance Measures (ASM)- MEANING --- Is made tp
protect investors from short selling or speculative trades during
periods of high volatility in stocks, exchanges move stocks to the
short-term or short-term additional surveillance framework. Additional
Surveillance is an initiative of M/s SEBI and the Exchanges designed
to enhance confidence in the market and protect the interests of
Really a very good news for the country and Investors to relax and
all sure mood of rising of share prices and recover. As many time of
blame games was continuing from the starting from the Hindenburg
Research which is artificial to put pressure ,
The opposition of the country and many others continued to blame
game policy as elections are around year to give the voters a
negative thoughts about the government India. BUT WHICH DID NOT WORK OUT .