Narendra Modi I am for Janata Janardhan What else did Modi write

Narendra Modi: 'I am for Janata Janardhan.' What else did Modi write after the election results were announced?
There are many questions across the country about how much work Modi Hawa has done this time. Prime Minister Narendra Modi went to the polls talking about crossing 400. BJP and NDA are far from 400. This time Modi wrote about this result on the X handle.
Modi writes, 'People have put their trust in NDA. For the third time they have confidence. This is a historic step in the history of India. I bow down to Janata Janardhana for this love. We make sure to continue the work we have been doing for the past decade. Saluting all our officers for their hard work. No words for the effort you put in
Not enough.'. He also thanked BJP for its good results in Odisha. BJP has done well in Andhra Pradesh. He also thanked for that.

Narendra Modi x handle
People have placed their faith in NDA, for a third consecutive time! This is a historical feat in India's history.
I bow to the Janata Janardan for this affection and assure them that we will continue the good work done in the last decade to keep fulfilling the aspirations of... Show more
7:25 PM Jun 4, 2024
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