*Voter Awareness Message from Deomali*

Assembly and Lok Sabha elections are going to be held in Koraput, Odisha from next May. Elections will be held in Koraput district in the first phase on May 13th. In order to increase the voting percentage in the current election as compared to the last election, the Koraput district administration organized a mountain climbing program at Deomali, the highest peak of Odisha. In this, Koraput Collector &District Majistrate V Kirtivasan program was launched and requested all the voters of the district to reach their respective polling centers and cast their votes through various awareness messages. On this occasion, the district governor urged the new and young voters to vote for the first time and to participate in the largest democratic system in the world. Just as Deomali is known as the highest point of Odisha, he expressed his opinion about how the polling rate of Koraput will be the highest in Odisha. Odisha will vote in this program organized on the basis of disciplined voter education and electoral participation (SVEEP) through a campaign like mountain climbing and Deomali will give a message to the students and officials present. On this occasion, the students expressed that they will return to their respective villages and alert the villagers there about voting. After returning from the mountain climbing, a public meeting was organized there under the supervision of the District Collector and the voters were requested to cast their votes. Commander of Cobra Battalion Mr. Amit Kumar, Additional District Collectors Mr. Laganjit Raut and Alumni Sethi, Chief Development Officer and Executive Officer of District Council Mr. Dekshish Patnaik, Koraput dy Collector Benudhar Shabar, Jeypore dy Collector Pravat Kumar Parida along with all district level officials, police officers, college students were present in this program.