Dr. Shubham Saxena launches his book on Artificial Intelligence in Accounting

Dr. Shubham Saxena launched his First Academic book Artificial Intelligence in Accounting after completing his Ph.D. at the beautiful Palace recently. The book, gives an insight about the accounting profession at the cusp of significant change, driven by AI and data analytics. While some routine tasks may be automated, the core values and skills of accountants remain vital. The ability to exercise judgment, uphold ethical standards, and provide strategic financial guidance will continue to define the role of accountants in the age of AI. Moreover, embracing AI and data analytics opens up exciting opportunities for accountants to leverage technology in their work, providing even greater value to organizations.
Aspiring accountants and finance professionals should take note of these trends and consider how they can prepare for a future where AI is a valuable tool in their toolkit. The book, which was conceptualized during the time, is his fourth book.