Assam girl earned black belt 1st dan in Shotokan Karate with two medals in All India Karate Championship 2023, Mumbai

Assam girl earned black belt 1st dan in Shotokan Karate with two medals in All India Karate Championship 2023, Mumbai

In a triumphant display of dedication and skill, Moonmi Baishya, a dedicated disciple of Sensei Ganesh Naik hailing from the serene state of Goa, has achieved a remarkable milestone in her martial arts journey. The date etched in her memory, the 26th of August 2023, marked the culmination of her efforts as she secured the coveted 1st Dan black belt. The stage for this momentous feat was none other than the renowned Priyadarshini Indra Gandhi stadium, situated in the heart of Mulund West, Mumbai. This exceptional achievement stands as a testament to her perseverance and the expert guidance of her mentor, Sensei Ganesh Naik.

The examination itself was a testament to Moonmi's unwavering commitment and her mentor's guidance. The event was orchestrated under the meticulous care of Sensei Ganesh Margaje, who ensured that every detail was in place for Moonmi's assessment. The examination was evaluated by none other than the distinguished Soke Kevin Funakoshi, the chief instructor and visionary founder of the Funakoshi Shotokan Karate-Do Association World (FSKAW). His presence added an aura of prestige to the event and underscored the high standards set by the FSKAW.

Furthermore, the presence of Hanshi Eric Govender, a respected figure in the martial arts community from South Africa, elevated the event's international stature. His participation highlighted the global appeal of martial arts and showcased the unity that stems from shared dedication to the craft.

Following her impressive achievement in the examination, Moonmi Baishya continued to shine on the karate stage. On the 27th of August 2023, she further solidified her reputation by clinching not one but two medals in the All India Karate Championship 'Hero Suman Talwar Cup-2033' karate tournament organised by Funakoshi Shotokan Karate-Do Association, held in Mulund West, Mumbai. Moonmi's exceptional skills secured her the 1st place in kata and 2nd place in kumite categories, a testament to her versatility and mastery of different aspects of karate.

Moonmi Baishya's journey serves as an inspiration to budding martial artists and enthusiasts worldwide.She is the wife of Lieutenant Commander Sudeep Ghosh and the daughter of Kabin Baishya and Rupa Rani Malakar,native of Dalibari,Kamrup,Assam.

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