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Kartaka reserves 2 hospitals for kids, pregnant women amid spike in Covid cases
Bengaluru, Jan 11 The Karnataka government reserved two hospitals exclusively for the treatment of children and pregnant women due to the sudden surge in the number of cases among children and women 
The Commissionerate of Health and Family Welfare Services has declared that Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health, located in Siddapura locality is reserved for the treatment of Pediatric Covid cases 
Ghousia Maternity Hospital in Shivajinagar located in Shivajinagar is reserved for pregnant women with Covid infection 
With the onset of Covid-19 third wave and sudden surge in the number of positive cases among the children and women, it is necessary to have exclusive treatment facilities for the same. Hence, these two hospitals are declared as Covid-19 hospitals, to treat children and pregnant women exclusively, with immediate effect, the circular released on Monday stated 
In the last 24 hours as many as 274 children aged up to 9 years have tested positive for Covid-19 in Bengaluru alone. The number of Covid positive cases between the age group of 10 to 19 years stands at 898 
A total of 34 kids aged up to 9 years have recovered and 91 of the 10 to 19 year age group have recovered from the infection in the last 24 hours. The statistics by the Health department show the serious situation and rapid spread of the infection 
The Health department took this decision immediately on the recommendation made by the technical advisory committee, set up by the government to monitor and manage the Covid situation in the state